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Helping dedicated dog owners build solid relationships with their canine companions

Good Shepherd Training

Making training praiseworthy


About Us

Good Shepherd Training is in the business of bridging the gap of communication between people and dogs. With the correct team, it is top priority for your dog to become obedient, safe and lovable, members of the family. Any dog can be trained – but a dog is only as good as its leader. He believes that it’s just as important to teach dog owners how to be great leaders over their dogs.


Give your dog the highest quality of life possible! Our canine obedience training takes place in various settings, including the comfort of your home. You’ll soon have a canine that you can trust and include in your life. There are no tricks, no gimmicks or useless drills. And the most rewarding part of it all is that you will have confidence because you’ll be in complete control of your canine. Training and results last a lifetime!



We offer basic obedience puppy/dog training. Puppy/Dog behavior training, Inhouse manners and behavior observation and training, Socialization training. If you ever are unsure about your pet, please feel free to ask any questions and view our free resources.


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